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From time immemorial, people who rely on single source of income always find it difficult to pay their bills.

In fact, even if you work for a top notch company that pays you a six digit salary in US dollars, it is still very risky to depend solely on a single source of income.

We live in a world where most people are working and earning salary, yet living in poverty. The reason for this is that most times, their expenses tend to outweigh the salary they receive, thus the need for a residual income.FREE STUFF GOVERNMENT AUCTIONS

Have you ever imagined what differentiate the rich from the poor? I mean what makes the rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer?

It is not about being proactive at work or working in a multinational corporation, but having an investment that gives you a residual income.

Residual income as used in this context refers to income that keeps coming after a work is done. To put it differently, residual income usually comes from building asset that continues to pay you even after the work is done.

For instance, the likes of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Oprah etc, weren’t born rich. However, these people became rich over time because they understand and took advantage of residual income.

Residual income could be in form of royalties from books, songs, movies, income from real estate etc. For example, Bill Gates is still making residual income from Microsoft even though he is no longer there.

Earning an additional income is what every salary earner should work towards. It helps to reduce the burden of expenses and enable you to save more from your earnings.

Income refers to any other money you earn outside your main source of income. It could be revenue from a small business you run or any other activity you do outside your main job. It helps to ease your financial responsibility and enable you to have a good savings.

Most people that earn additional income outside their main salary seldom go broke. In fact, they are able to pay their bills easily without borrowing loans from friends and relatives.

Without an iota of doubt, earning additional income is one of the gateways to financial freedom.
Irrespective of who we are and what we do, financial freedom is what we all crave for.

Even if financial freedom means different thing to different people, it always involve money. This is due to the fact that money makes the world goes around.

Financial freedom is the only thing that will enable you achieve your goals and live the life you always crave for. Continue reading “EARNING ADDITIONAL INCOME — A JOURNEY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM”


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