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Skincare for outdoor spring and summer

There is something joyous about feeling the warmth of the sun and spending time with nature. Being outdoors has many benefits, sunlight boosts vitamin D levels in your body which is essential for strong bones and also stimulates endorphins. This explains why you feel a rush of happiness and a distraction from stress after being out in nature.

But before you put your walking shoes on, remember the sun can be a foe as much as your friend. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can result in:
– Breakdown of collagen and elastic fibers found in the upper layers of the skin. This can quicken the appearance of wrinkles
– Reddening of the skin
– Hyperpigmentation and
– Visible dilated blood vessels around the nose and cheeksMORE INFO

To get the most of out being outside without damaging your skin, here are some ways you can modify your routine:

Cover Yourself
The sun is at its most strength between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m so try to avoid being outdoors in that period as much as possible. We get that you would much rather be in a tank top when its hot outside covering your skin with as much as possible to be safe whether it’s by adding a cap to your outfit, wearing half-sleeves or putting on sunglasses. A cotton t-shirt is equivalent to sun protection of SPF 7.Things like this can make a difference in protecting delicate skin.

Never forget SPF

While we recommend that you put on SPF every single day of the year whether its raining outside or freezing cold, never forget SPF on the days you want to be outside. Too much of the sun is not just a cause of a tan but also downright harmful. Too much exposure to the sun is linked to skin cancer, skin aging, cataracts, and immune problems. So be sure to apply a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen 30 mins before you venture out and wear protective clothing if it is too hot outside. If you plan to spend the whole day outside, reapply sunscreen after every 3 hours in the sun.

Repair the skin

Even if you’ve taken great precautions, you should give your skin extra TLC when you get home. Wash your face with cold or normal temperature as this will not strip the skin of moisture. Exfoliate your skin with a mild scrub every 2-3 days to remove any dead skin cells. Use a light moisturizing serum or cream and massage it into your skin to hydrate it.

If unfortunately, you feel burnt by the sun, fresh aloe vera gel can solve the problem through its cooling properties.

Consider carrying a facial mist with your when you’re on-the-go with cooling ingredients such as rose water, cucumber or mint. This can give your skin an instant wake-me-up and refresh your facial skin in a pinch.

Drink plenty of fluids
Since you will sweat a lot more in the summer or when you are outdoors, be sure to keep hydrated more than usual. Dehydration is quite common in the summers and can reflect in fainting spells, dry skin, tiredness or even fatal organ failure. So keep a water bottle handy when you outside and drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day to keep your skin looking healthy.

If plain water doesn’t isn’t your favorite, try infusing fruits and herbs to give it a flavor. Avoid reaching out to soda as it is a quick-fix to your thirst and only dehydrates your skin further.

Use summer ingredients in your skincare routine

Since you’ll be exposed to more free-radicals, fight them with anti-oxidizing ingredients. Vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant to repair sun-damaged skin and is perfect for daytime wear. You can also increase your intake of antioxidant-rich foods like grapes, berries, nuts, and green tea.

There is no reason why you cannot have amazing glowing skin and enjoy being sporty outdoors! Keep your skin safe with some of our tips and do let us know if you find other hacks to be safe in the summer..