Physical fitness improves endurance

Engaging in regular physical activity had been proven to be the main contributing factor to increasing the body endurance level. When you do more exercise the heart and the muscle respond by rebuilding and regenerating, thereby preparing the body for more.

And by doing the more, the cells of the body are challenged. The cells rise up to the challenge by making the heart to recover faster and more blood are supplied to the muscles. When these happen, the endurance level of the body improves.

The performance of the cardiovascular system (heart) during physical activities determines endurance level. And this can be measured by three key variables. These are:

i. the number of times the heart beat in a minute (rate of heart beat)
ii. amount of blood pumped by each heart beat (stroke volume), and
iii. the force of contraction exerted on the heart muscle (heart contractility)SUPPLEMENTS/REIDUAL INCOME

One of the best ways to improve these variables is by engaging in more physical activities. With these, more blood will be delivered to the muscles, the heart recovers quickly and more vessels process the increased blood and oxygen.
Apart from the heart, there are other determinants of endurance performance. The muscle during physical activity drive the flow of blood through the veins and back to the heart. Increasing the amount of blood delivered to your heart. In other words, we can say that the muscles improve the stroke volume of your heart during exercise.CLICK NOW SUCCESS RESIDUAL INCOME

In addition, the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) of the muscle cells increase to enable the muscles to do more work. They efficiently burn more body fat and store glycogen by using oxygen to produce ATP energy. These allow you to work longer and harder without suffering fatigue. The regular contraction and relaxation of the skeletal muscles is also a contributing factor to endurance performance.

You will notice that there is a connection between the cardiovascular system and the body muscles. This shows that in order to build endurance, you need to improve the performance of your heart and muscles.

Endurance performance can be improved by engaging in physical activities such as walking, cycling, jogging and swimming. These are examples of endurance or aerobic exercise. They help to increase your heartbeat rate and breathing. Endurance exercise keeps the cardiovascular system, lungs and muscles healthy and improves the overall physical fitness of the body.

As mentioned above, regular physical exercise is very essential as far as endurance is concerned. But you also need to maintain a healthy eating habit. Your foods should be rich in high quality protein, healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains and drink lots of water. Sleep is also important.

In conclusion, the rate of the heartbeat, amount of blood supplied to the heart, the heart contractility and the amount of oxygen the muscles can effectively processed affect your endurance level. And all these can be improved by working on your physical fitness. Therefore, physical fitness can improve the endurance performance of the body.


An annual physical checkup is practical for people of all ages, especially those above 50 years of age, to check in with their doctor and make sure all the body’s main functions are working like it’s supposed to. Being healthy involves a lot of factors but the payoff is absolutely worth it. Maintaining good health can decrease your risk of developing diseases and slowing down genetic conditions such as heart disease, some cancers etc.

Here are some things you can do to maintain your and your family’s health and ensure things are positive in your annual checkups:

Eat healthilyCLICK NOW

While picking up happy meals seems so convenient and quick, it’s serving you nutrition out of it. Not only does your eating habits affect your physical health but also your mood. Eating a balanced diet or a rainbow plate even with fruits, vegetables, protein and healthy fats can lower your cholesterol, keep heart disease at bay and also keep your body active and strong. It’s not a stretch to say that eating well can give you more energy to do more tasks thus keeping you happy.

And little piece of cheesecake every now and then is also fine! There is no need to be extreme with your diet unless you’re training to be an Olympic athlete. Eating healthy can require a bit more planning, it is the most important way to be healthy.DISPOSABLE INOME EARN MORE

Get regular exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is important to keep your body healthy and here’s how we can prove it:
– Exercise increases blood flow, makes your heart stronger which lowers your risk of heart diseases, diabetes, some kind of cancers etc.
– Exercise releases good hormones that improves your mood, reduces stress and helps manage depression.
– Regular exercise prevents injuries from happening by slowing the loss of bone density and increase muscle mass
– Routine exercise can make you feel better and keep your weight under control.

Scientists recommend 30 to 60 minutes about 3 times a week to be optimal.

Protect your skin

Too much of the sun is not just a cause of a tan but also downright harmful. Too much exposure to the sun is linked to skin cancer, skin aging, cataracts and immune problems. So be sure to apply a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen 30 mins before you venture out and wear protective clothing if it is too hot outside.

Take Time to Relax

Stress is a silent but deadly killer. Anything from work, family problems, financial difficulties, and social media to listening to bad news on the TV can trigger stress. It can incite frequent colds, inability to sleep, poor concentration, learning problems, anxiety, depression, driving recklessly, and showing aggression. Relax in any form that works for you such as walking, reading, exercising, meditation, taking vacations etc. Since work is such an influencer in our lives, maintaining a work-life balance can increase personal satisfaction and reduce your stress levels.

Drink Water

This tip is so basic that it is very easy to forget to drink enough water. A human requires at least twelve, 8-ounce glasses of water per day. Your body requires water to function, alleviate aches and pains, improve energy, and flush out toxins. To drink water regularly, keep a bottle of water with you at your desk, add fruit pieces to make it tastier or use hydration apps to remind you.

Limit your alcohol intake

If you consume alcoholic, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest one drink per day for women and no more than two drinks per day for men. Excessive or binge drinking can cause liver damage, some cancers, such as throat, liver, or pancreas Continue reading “ENJOYING GREAT HEALTH”