This is the wrong time to borrow. High inflation and maybe a recession. Either way borrowing now, you will have enormous financial problem ahead. Cutting spending, paying down debt and building cash reserves is the only way to come out ahead at the end of 2023.

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Is S&P 500 worth buying?

Lastly, S&P 500 index funds tend to have low fees. This is important because

fees can eat into your investment returns. S&P 500 index funds typically have

lower expense ratios than actively managed mutual funds. All of these factors make

the S&P 500 a potentially good investment for 2022.

The rest of the Globe economies are slowing down. That affect our economy

because we sell products overseas and large number of tourist travel to the US

every year for vacations.

Where does this leave the average hourly working individual that usually have

5 to six months emergency funds, three or 4 weeks in a checking account? Cutting

spending, paying down debt/paying off debt will slow the US economy down to.

At least that is what most people believe but nothing could be further from

the truth. The less debt consumers have the better off they are and the

country. The higher the saving rate the more prosper a country is.

Inflation currently at 7%. Will it be 8%, 9%, 10% or even more is a

possibility. In order to deal with this it will take budgeting for higher


Families and individuals on fixed income will have three choices. Number one

is learning how inflation affect then, number two is going without because

their income simply purchase less and earning more income. Generally most individuals

simply cut back. Lacking the

understanding of inflation which most book on the subject would provide anyone

the knowledge to avoid the pitfalls associated with higher and higher inflation, they

simply live on less.


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