Starting a business for the purpose of passive or residual income

The motive behind starting a business is often to make money that will be

enough to cater for one’s needs. Earning large enough income will give you

the opportunity to accomplish and live the type life you desire.

But most people don’t have the ability to live life on their own terms because

they are either a slave to their debts or cannot break away from living on pay

check. But this problem can be solved by the many benefits of residual or

passive income.

One of the best ways to gain financial freedom is by setting up a business with

residual income opportunity. There are many businesses both online and offline

that one can set up to generate residual income.

Residual income by definition is the income one generated long after the work

has been completed. It is the type of income that one continues to generate for

as long as the business lives. Residual income also known as passive income has

no limitations based on time.

Starting a business with residual income opportunity will enable you live life in

your terms. You will continue to earn money whether you are there working or not.

The amount of money you can make does not stop whether you get out of bed or not.

In addition, it is possible to have different streams of residual income. Unlike having

two jobs that will consume your time, multiple streams of residual income will

increase your earnings while also giving you enough free time. Residual income

gives you a more lucrative alternative to finding a side hustle that will stress you

and consume your precious time.

To kick start your dream of financial freedom, here some of the residual business

opportunities that you can venture into.AWSOME FASHIONS

Invest in real estate

Rest estate is one of the most lucrative means of generating passive income. Apart

from being lucrative, it give you rest of mind and requires little or no work.

Affiliate marketing

This involves promoting other people’s product online of which you get a

commission once it leads to sale. Affiliate marketing can be done by marketing

people’s product on your website. It can also be done by promoting them on

social media platforms.

Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money online. You can make up to

six figures every month from the comfort of your home. And remember, you do

this at your time and pace.

Write an EBook

Selling a book online can be another great way of generating residual income. After

the initial work of writing and creating the book, the only thing left is to make your

money on every sale. You don’t need much capital to produce an EBook, no printing

and shipping costs.

Other residual income business opportunities that you engage in include:

• Create lead generation website

• Start a drop shipping business

• Create a mobile app

• Invest in vending machines

• Rent out your spare room

And the list is endless. Stimulus bill stalled out. Shame–So many families and individual, cities

counties, states, business, and especially unemployed mothers in need during
this crisis.

SELF-RELINANCE — It is time to utilize time and knowledge to start an additional

flow of income. It’s so simple. Just Google starting a business.

FINANCIAL FREEDOM — Stop living paycheck to paycheck.

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There is a role everyone can play and profit from. Starting a small business,

employing the millions that will need a job is a worthwhile endeavor.

Yes, it is simple than anyone think. Step by step books will tell you how to

achieve success.

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