annual fee is $75 the first year, and $99 thereafter, you get a $300 limit with no growth.

They don’t offer increases at all.

What is the minimum deposit for secured card?

With some Secured Credit Card an individual must pay a minimum $200 security deposit, which

is a typical amount for secured credit cards. Your credit limit is equal to your deposit — with

the maximum deposit being $2,500. Some secured cards does not have an annual fee.

Within just 4 months adding $50.00 a week you would have a credit limit of $1,000.

Secured Credit Card’s requirements for approval are straightforward and fairly easy to meet, even

with bad credit. Secured credit cards merely requires a bank account, some income to balance out

any debt and a lack of bankruptcy in your history.

Some Secured Credit reports to credit bureaus.

How much money should I spend on my secured credit card?

There’s nothing wrong with using your secured card multiple times each month, as long as you’re

not spending beyond your means or maxing out your card. A good rule of thumb is to only use

30% or less of your available credit. Better a little debt and for credit history to obtain

an excellent score for purchasing a home or an emergency. Beware of high interest debt.

Does having 2 secured credit cards build credit faster?

Two secured credit cards can help more than one because using a second secured card responsibly

will increase the amount of positive information that gets reported to the credit bureaus each

month. This will lead to more credit score improvement than one secured card would produce, as

long the bills get paid on time.