What Are Existing-Home Sales? Existing-home sales data are a monthly measure of the sales

volume and prices of existing single-family homes, condos, and co-ops nationwide. But what

exactly are existing-homes? Existing-homes, unlike new homes, are homes that are owned and

occupied before coming onto the market.

What adds the most value to a home when selling?

The top five projects that add the most dollar value to a sale in 2022 are refinishing hardwood

floors, installing new wood floors, upgrading insulation, converting a basement to a living

area and renovating closets, according to a joint report by the National Association of

Realtors (NAR) and the National Association

What is the best program for first-time home buyer?

1. FHA loan. FHA loans are backed by the Federal Housing Administration and are considered more

secure than conventional loans because they are backed by the US government. They’re one of

the easiest mortgages to get approved

for if you’re a first-time homebuyer with a low credit score and minimal down payment savings.

What is a good credit score to buy a house?

620 or higher

It’s recommended you have a credit score of 620 or higher when you apply for a conventional loan.

If your score is below 620, lenders either won’t be able to approve your loan or may be required to offer you a higher

interest rate, which can result in higher monthly payments.

How can I build my credit fast?

Here are some strategies to quickly improve your credit:

Pay credit card balances strategically.

Ask for higher credit limits.

Become an authorized user.

Pay bills on time.

Dispute credit report errors.

Deal with collections accounts.

Use a secured credit card.

Get credit for rent and utility payments.


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