Have you ever attended a timeshare presentation? I wish you would never attend one. It is traumatic experience sitting through a timeshare presentation. Compare it to buying a used car from a dealer; this is even more frustrating experience as more money is at stake here. What is a timeshare presentation? It is nothing but a sales pitch by the timeshare companies to force people into buying their timeshares. It begins with an invitation offering you an expensive free gift in return of attending the presentation. Now you go to the presentation thinking that there is no harm in attending and you get a free gift also in return, but you realize that you have made the biggest mistake of life only when you sit through the painful presentation. Continue reading “LOVE TO BE A WINNER”


With any new (or even new-ish) system that comes in to play, there will always be bold claims made about how rich it will make you, and for how little work you can become successful. Some people are naïve enough to believe that this latest program will end their money worries at a stroke, but the fact is that it’s not likely to happen.

Imagine for a moment that someone designed a machine that printed viable money, in whatever currency and denomination you wanted, and you could spend that money in any shop. Would the machine retail for a low price? Of course it wouldn’t, because it has the potential to give you money without you working for it. Why, then, would you believe that any plug-and-play system would make you immediately wealthy without you needing to work with it?

Adsense can make you real money, there is no doubt about that. However, you have to work with it. Just as having an exercise bike in your garage will not develop your calf muscles if you don’t actually use it, Adsense won’t make you any money if you don’t harness it and put your own effort into the mix.

If you have a website and you host Adsense ads, then maintain your content, add to it at least occasionally and check your Adsense results regularly so you can see what is working and what isn’t. Lose the stuff that isn’t making you money and do more of the things that are. Work with Adsense – the more you do that the more you will learn.WEALTH BUILDING START HERE – CLICK NOW


Identity Thief – ways to safe guard your credit and private information

Identity theft happens when someone obtains sensitive personal information, such as credit card data or personal identification number to commit fraud or other crimes. With so many services and product moving online, you may not remember every store you’ve shopped at or the websites you’ve signed up in, but thieves and hackers can strike anywhere and at any time.
While no measures can guarantee protection against identity theft, there are ways you can take to safeguard your information and have a strong line of defense. Here are some tips stated by experts to prevent identity theft:

Keep track of your paper trail

If you prefer checking your ATM, credit card or gas station receipts on paper, then make sure you destroy it after you’re done the checking. Shred credit cards statements, salary information or documents that contain private financial information often.

Safeguard your Social Security number

Avoid carrying your social security card with your all the time, keep it in a secure place. This is very secure information that identity thieves target first as it will give them access to your credit report and bank accounts.

Watch your mail

Stolen mail is one of the easiest paths to a steal an identity. Use a locked mailbox or ask a trusted source to fetch your mail held if you’re out of town. USPS also has an informed delivery service which can give you a preview of your mail so you can tell if anything is missing.
Track your bank and credit card statements
Check your account statements periodically to check if all purchases and credits are valid. If you recognize irregularities in purchases that you didn’t make, contact your bank and cancel your cards immediately. Also make sure you recognize the merchants, locations, and purchases listed.

Be cautious when asked for personal information
Even if you’ve signed up for phone banking, ensure that you read through your bank’s verification procedure and do not divulge any unnecessary information. If salespeople or sign up sheets require information such as Social Security, driver’s license number, or any personal identification, only reveal it if it is absolutely necessary.

Lock down your hardware
Since we use devices so often throughout the day, set up password protection for your phone, laptop, tablet, and other devices, Even if you trust the people at home or at work, there are threats of break-ins putting your data at risk. Downloading anti-malware apps and software is also good-to-have as they can prevent criminals from stealing your data.
Social Media Safeguards
Secure your social media profiles (Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Apple ID, Microsoft, Twitter) with two-factor authentication. That means that whenever you log in, you’ll need a code that the site sends to your mobile phone along with your password to enter. Although it may seem time-consuming, it is better to be safe than sorry.
While social media is a great tool to share things about your life, the more you share, the easier it will be for someone to get their hands on your information. Keep your social media profile as barren as possible and try not to divulge your birth date, email address, and phone number. Continue reading “WAYS TO SAFE GUARD YOUR CREDIT AND PRIVATE INFORMATION”

Any number of people have probably woken up one morning and thought “It’d certainly be easier to get out of bed today if I worked in a job I loved!”. But the fact is that most of us do not work in jobs we love. I don’t imagine that that is news to many people – we may like or tolerate our jobs, but some people hate theirs and others just have a low-level resentment at having to do something boring.A BUSINESS OF YOUR OWN
You may have people tell you that Adsense allows you to make money from doing things that you would do anyway. While there may be some spirit of truth in that suggestion, it is not wholly truthful. If you really, truly adore Greek mythology, the truth of the matter is that that’s not massively likely to pay off for you online, and certainly it won’t make you rich through Adsense.ADDITIONAL INCOME
Compromise is something that the average worker in any country does every single day. If we had our way, most of us would wake up in the morning and decide to have a duvet day – but we wouldn’t get paid so we bite the bullet and go in to work. Making money through Adsense has a similar tone – you may have to write content about something you’re not wild about if you want clicks.
While this may all sound quite fatalistic – “you can’t make money and have fun” – the most important point to remember is that you can make real money without a lot of work. Be prepared to work smart rather than hard, and you can make a killing through AdSense or RESIDUAL INCOME OR BOTH CLICK NOW