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How often does a variable interest rate change?

A variable interest rate can change on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Variable interest

rates may increase or decrease, depending on changes in prevailing interest rates. The loan

payments on a variable-rate loan are less predictable, because the loan payments will change

when the interest rate changes. Your variable rates on debt is key to beating inflation 2023.

Paying high interest rates will in 2023 is affect your savings in a negative way.

4.68% — The number one way to beat inflation in year 2023 is to earn more on your saving/

to pay less interest on debt. Secured credit card versus high interest rates cards.

6 Month Treasury Bill Rate is at 4.68%, compared to 4.64% the previous market day and 0.23% last

year. This is higher than the long term average of 4.48%.WHEN DEBT VS CUTTING SPENDING–CREATING WEALTH YEAR 2023

STEP 2: What does pinching my pennies mean?

to spend as little money as possible: When we were first married we had to pinch pennies just to

get by. SMART

Is penny pinching positive or negative?

Penny pincher is synonymous with the word miser, but whereas miser is always used negatively

(to refer to Ebenezer Scrooge types), penny pincher can be used either in a negative way or in

a more neutral way to refer to someone who’s just trying to save money because they’re on a tight


How do you save penny pinching money?

9 Ways to Pinch Pennies Around the House. I’m certainly not an extreme frugalist. …

Eliminate Food Waste. …

Turn the Thermostat Up or Down. …

Don’t Buy Expensive Cleaning Products. …

Hang Clothes to Dry. …

Drink Tap Water. …

Reduce Home Entertainment Costs. …

Clean Out Your Closet and Junk Drawer.

Will minimalism automatically make me content?

Although it is a great start, it isn’t an instant cure. It is a pathway, not the end goal.

Becoming a minimalist will give you more time and will free up more of your money than ever

before. But we must focus on gratitude every single day in order to see the results.

It’s that journey of intentional self-improvement, and appreciating what we already have,

that will bring us contentment.

STEP 3: What are the 3 biggest strategies for paying down debt?

Image result for pay down debt

In general, there are three debt repayment strategies that can help people pay down or pay

off debt more efficiently. Pay the smallest debt as fast as possible. Pay minimums on all

other debt. Then pay that extra toward the next largest debt.

STEP 4: What Is a Variable Interest Rate? A variable interest rate is one that can fluctuate over

time, causing your loan payments to change. Variable rates are common on credit cards and home equity

lines of credit (HELOCs). 1 You may also find variable-rate private student loans. How much interest

will you pay in 2023??? Will you pay $1000.00, $2000.00 or even more??? Remember variable rates

can change at anytime.

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