Does crunches burn belly fat?

The short answer is no; sit-ups and crunches, or any abdominal exercise for that

matter, does not burn belly fat. However, abdominal exercises can help to tone

the belly.

How many crunches should I do a day?

If your goal is to increase strength in your ab muscles, aiming to do three sets of 12

to 20 crunches per day is a good starting place, depending on your fitness level and

any other ab exercises that you are throwing into your core workout routine.

CALORIES are a measure of energy. ” Small” calories (cal) estimate the amount of

energy required to raise the temperature of exactly one gram of water by one

degree Celsius at one atmospheric pressure, and “big” calories, also known as kilogram

calories (Cal), are more commonly known and refer to the calories in food.OF GREAT CONCERN WHAT’S IN WHAT YOU EAT

What foods are highest in calories?

Examples of calorie-rich foods include:

Proteins: Red meats, pork, chicken with skin on (roast or broil don’t deep fry for your

health), salmon or other oily fish, beans, whole milk, eggs, cheese, full-fat yogurt.

Carbohydrates: potatoes, brown rice, whole grain pasta, whole grains, whole grain


Your Three-Step Fat Attack  Part One of Three

To lose body fat assuredly, you need a three-part fat attack strategy, and your

methodological system needs to be a truly solid one. The three parts, of course,

you already know WHAT they are. However, you are more likely to lack savvy

egarding exactly HOW and WHEN to mix these intricately related weight loss

pieces together. Explore each one here: 1) diet-foods-nutrition, 2) physical action

movement-exercise; and 3) reeducation-strategy-knowledge acquisition/

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Today you are reading Part One. This is a Three-Part article.

With so many varying recommendations on how to approach losing your body fat,

many crucial details tend to slip into through one ear, yet right out of the other,

quick, fast, and in a hurry. Yes, it’s true that you hear so many conflicting ideas

about health, diet, fitness, and weight management. Why does so much

instructional or informational variation exist? Which parts are factual? What are the

concepts, ideas, or truths that can really help you?WHY IS 65% OF AMERICAN OVERWEIGHT OBESE OR DIABETIC

Likely, the GREATEST fact you can benefit from right away is the following: to lose

body fat assuredly, you need a three-part fat attack strategy, and your

methodological system needs to be a truly solid one. The three parts, of course, you

already know WHAT they are. However, what you are more likely to lack is acute and

chronic skill or savvy regarding exactly HOW and WHEN to mix these intricately

related weight loss pieces together.

Let’s explore each one here, just a little, that is, 1) diet-foods-nutrition, 2) physical

action-movement-exercise; and 3) reeducation-strategy-knowledge acquisition

enhancement/upgrading. Perhaps there’s a clue for you in the fact that the latter of

these vital elements above is quite lengthy.

Here’s one solid scientific fact you might observe. You are more likely to adopt and

adhere to solid diet or exercise lifestyle when you educate yourself. You grow more

when you know more… about your approach, your limits, your potential, and your


Occasionally, you may tend to ignore important and crucial facts about fitness or

nutrition. At times you just can’t help that. It’s a small part of human nature. Plus,

you probably hear a lot of “crap” these days, particularly concerning “carbs – to be

or not to be,” and/or the “best and only time of day to exercise.” After a while,

though you don’t really want them to, your ears simply become numb to the

barrage of junk information. Then, you assume that no one really knows what

they’re talking about anymore. You might even mistakenly include accredited

professionals into that stereotype, too. Perhaps, you even express your own opinion

as true fitness fact without receiving support from science and community.

Time after time, you try things that don’t work. Yet, once in a while, you try

something that does. Is what you tried still working for you? Probably not. Consider

cutting to the chase about excess, loose tissue… hanging around in places you

don’t want it to. Your formidable enemy is likely to be “saturated” fat. Here’s a

rofessional tip that can help you now and far into your future. Gain a thorough

understanding of this “Three-Step Fat Attack” concept. It’s a relatively new

concept, yet the power lies in the fact that although each area can afford you

some weight loss productivity, combining the three yields geometrically improved


It might not be such a natural tendency for you to try new things. You may not

even have the luxury of acquiring formal knowledge on nutrition, fitness, or weight

management. That leaves you with trial and error as major modus operandi. Then

your weight loss solutions stem from incorrect data such as: rumors, old tales,

things that you have “heard about,” or just plain old advertising hype.

(Believe it or not, we’re still talking about part three – reeducation-strategy-knowledge

acquisition/enhancement/upgrading – because all of the above has to do with

know-how and knowledgeable approach to weight loss, avoiding unnecessary time

trouble and effort.)

Now’s your time to concentrate on a focused, weight management approach that

works with long-term reliability. What you need is plain and simple. However, you

need to realize right now that you can easily fall into one not-so-obvious trap. This

trap catches most people who are seeking solutions to a diet or exercise problem

. You can avoid it from now on. That common trap is NOT REALLY UNDERSTANDING

THE INFORMATION YOU RECEIVE, underestimating it, or taking it for granted

without deeper exploration, inspection, and investigation.

Yes, this is where you can place your focus… on increasing comprehension. An

how can you grasp complex details without expanding your ability to process

that knowledge? Easy. Learn about it. This moves us to the very first step in your

“Three-Step Fat Attack,” which follows:

1. Read.

2. Apply.

3. Maintain.

Yes, it’s that simple. Yet, do you really understand it? First, here’s an easy way to

remember it… you have to RAM this approach into your arsenal of diet exercise

tools. That’s right. RAM IT IN! Here’s your detailed breakdown for R. A. M.:

STEP ONE – “R.” = “Read accredited sources of information.”

You can expect to find that these sources might be slightly “unpopular.” No

what “unpopular” really means. Unpopular simply means this type of news is not

sitting out on the stands just waiting for you to pick it up. This is not the dazzling

interest-grabbing, highly publicized, or TV advertised gossip. Accredited, accurate

helpful, long-lasting, scientific data is not so easily located. You have to find it. You

have to do your homework. Do some research. Yet, even with research, you need to

have a central idea of what you are looking to explain.

We’ll explore the weight loss difficulty involved and the viable solution in Part Two.YES DIETING IS A GOOD WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT