Planning is the base of execution and it is practically hard to accomplish anything without it. Serendipity does exist but it doesn’t happen to everyone! You need plan for everything that you do in your life, even for a normal day that you spend. You setup alarm to wake up in the morning so that you can hit gym at this time and reach office by this time and so on and so forth! Therefore, it is of prime importance to develop a plan to reach your objectives.

We all are living on this planet with some objective. The trick of achieving objectives is to focus and put in steps in place to achieve them. This can only happen once you identify what is important and worth your time and effort!

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Objectives set the pulse of your life. You live to achieve them! They vary from person to person and can be short or long term. It can be starting your own business, building wealth, becoming rich or could be short term like losing weight, attaining promotion in your existing role etc. If you don’t know how to set goals then you should follow SMART technique which stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Achievable, Result Oriented and Time bound. Your objectives should be SMART for you to head towards them.

If your goals don’t excite you to achieve them then they are not set correctly. Your objective will excite only if you are looking forward to the results! Modify your daily actions to include activities that will lead to your objective,
gradually head towards your goals. You never achieve them overnight. Hence it is necessary to devise the daily action to reach your objectives.

For instance, if your objective is to lose 10 kgs in two months then you must start with your diet plan and exercising schedule. Daily routine will help you achieve them. Create the roadmap and then start following it. A cheat day means extension and delays to your objectives, so do those misses, only if you have an appetite to delay!

Strategic and not tactical solutions

It is ok to resort to tactical fixes in the short run especially when you have a strict deadline. But in long run, tactical solutions never bear fruits. You end up spending extra time and efforts for the results which are below benchmark.

You should constantly work towards increasing the odds of success which can only happen if you work towards it and get additional skill training wherever required. This holds true in all objectives, it could be concerning your life, the project that you are working on or anything which involves planning.

Hold yourself accountable

You are the owner and driver of your objective. Whether you are working for yourself, your company, you should monitor regular progress of your goals. This will help you in ensuring if you are on track of achievement or not. Every Friday take a backward look at the week that passed and ask yourself if the week was productive or unproductive.

If it was productive then you are reaching where you want to but if it was unproductive, refocus on the goal and identify the blockers. Identify what you need to incorporate additionally to cope up for the week that passed.


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