What is yoga and what does it do?

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It began as a spiritual practice but has become popular as a way to promote

physical and mental well-being. Although classical yoga also includes other elements

yoga as practiced in the United States typically emphasizes physical postures (asanas)

breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana).

Spiritual health includes a purposeful life, transcendence, and actualization of

different dimensions and capacities of human beings. Spiritual health 

balances between the physical, psychological, and social aspects of human life.

Yoga for Weight Loss: What you need to know to succeed

Think Yoga for weight loss is impractical? Well, your opinion on that might change

after you read this. When used right (and incorporating all its limbs just as in

conventional exercise) Yoga DEFINITELY can help you lose weight…and did I mention

the positive effects on your mental and spiritual health? I just did my friend!

Yoga for Weight Loss

Using yoga for weight loss might not look effective to most people. I bet you they’ll

go: “Naw, it’s just stretching…what can it possibly do to burn calories?”

Well, a lot my friend. Yoga can work for weight loss if you use it right and I’ll tell you

what to do in due course.

“But how exactly can yoga work for weight loss Foras? (That’s my name by the way),

I’m just stretching that’s it…!”

Boy, I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard that comment. for interested parties, yoga as an option for weight loss is wise, safe, and effective.

Remember, it is the oldest physical culture known to man and not only does this

exercise work the body, it works the mind and soul as well. Hey, have you seen Madonna,

Sting or Russell Simmons lately? (I can see you go: “Foras…they were never overweight

so don’t go there! Well…they never gained weight either and they all still look

good for their ages right?

Okay, here are the poses I recommend you use when using Yoga for weight loss.

Now, my friend, I will explain what I believe is the CORE of Yoga Poses.

Trust me, there have been times when I did this alone and still got the benefits that yoga

gives from daily practice.

Let’s take notes:

The Sun Salutations When Using Yoga for Weight Loss:

These exercises are a combination of Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises, Sun Bathing and

Prayer. They have been practiced for centuries by Yoga Practitioners in India, Martial Artists,

and African Wrestlers. As a system to rejuvenate the body and soul is beyond compare.

It’s been said in the Drugless Healing circles that one round of the Sun Salutations is much

better than a week of exercises at the gym!

They are simple to learn and just about anyone, regardless of their fitness or flexibility

levels can learn these simple exercises. If you are familiar with “burpees” (the

calisthenics exercise), derivie their origin from the Sun Salutations.

Here are some of their benefits:

-They alleviate disorders of the skin and waist.

-Flexibility increases and breathing is corrected, moreover, they mildly exercise the legs and

arms, thus increasing circulation.

-They are the best way to burn calories and reduce weight and are often recommended for

obesity and depression.

-They are an effective way of loosening up, stretching, and massaging all joints and internal


-They stimulate and balance the systems of the body including the endocrine, circulatory,

reproductive, and digestive systems.


1. Stand straight with the palms together as in a prayer position.

2. Inhale and stretch the arms above the head.

3. Exhale and bend forward while touching the toes.

4. Inhale and stretch the right leg away from the body in a big backward step and keep the hands

and left foot firmly on the ground. Bending the head backward the left knee should be between the


5. Inhale and hold your breath. Move the left leg from the body and, keep both feet together

and the knees of the floor, rest on the hands (arms straight), and keep the body in a straight line from

head to foot.

6. Exhale and lower the body to the floor. In this position, only 8 portions of the body come in

contact with the floor: the two feet, two knees, two hands, chest, and forehead.

7. Inhale and bend back as much as possible bending the spine to the maximum.

8. Exhale and lift the body of the floor. Keep the feet and heels on the floor.

9. Inhale and bring the right foot along the level of the hands; the left foot and knee should touch the ground. Look up, bending the spine slightly (same position as #4)

10. Exhale and bring the left leg forward. Keep the knees straight and bring the head down to the knees as in the third position.

11. Raise the arms overhead and bend backward inhaling. In Position 2.

12. Exhale, drop the arms and relax.

You have now completed one round.

Perform as many rounds as possible in multiples of 3. Ideally, you want to aim for 6 rounds

minimum and up to a maximum of 30. It only takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on your

speed and intensity, and is best practiced with as little clothing as possible before an open-air

window first thing in the morning.

Okay, we’ve gone over the core pose or combination when using Yoga for weight loss

and some breathing exercises that would speed up burning calories. But my friends,

note,  that when I say use yoga for weight loss; I mean ALL its limbs: the poses, the prescribed

diet for practice, and the mindset. If you were doing conventional exercise for weight loss, you’d

know to eat a healthier diet right…?

Well, the same applies to yoga for weight loss as well friends.

Yoga for Weight Loss: What you need to know to succeed

Can Yoga work for weight loss? From the ‘Breath of Fire’ exercise to the sun

exercises, to the specific poses, learn how to execute each Yoga exercise when

seeking to lose weight through this ancient, yet effective, form of physical culture

Yoga for weight loss.

Okay, let’s cut right to the chase for how Yoga for weight loss works.

We’ve gone over the sun salutations and if you are anything like me, you probably tried

them out and are sold on Yoga ‘the stretching’ exercise burning calories.

Now let’s target the trouble spots.

Poses for Trouble Spots when Using Yoga for Weight Loss:

1. Abdominal Region: The Forward Bending Pose, the Bow Pose, the Peacock Pose, the spinal

twist, and the Triangle Pose.

2. The Arms:  The Peacock Pose! the Wheel Pose, the Crow Pose, the Side plank Pose,

and the 4-limb Staff Pose.

3. The Thighs: The Bow Pose, The Shoulder Stand, the Hero Pose, the Triangle, and the Wheel poses.

4. Love Handles The spinal twist, the triangle pose, (with practice) the Side Crow Poses,

(and ease) The Side plank pose.

I realize the spots above are the ones most of us seem to target when trying to lose weight,

so I have made sure to go over them first.

I’m under the impression that if you had searched in Google or done some research on Yoga

for weight loss, you must have gotten some degree of information on the poses above, or

signed up for a class, bought a Yoga DVD, something to learn some more about it, which is why

I did not go over each pose in detail. But trust me, they are indeed very easy. I will emphasize

though, performing the Sun Salutations (upwards of 24 rounds) should be your main focus in

sing Yoga for a weight loss regimen, even before the other poses.

This too will help: One pose that some Yogis and Yoginis state to be a versatile enough pose for

the whole body will be the Shoulder-Stand. It is best practiced with its counter poses, 

since these poses have effects on the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of our lives, it will be safe

to say never execute a yoga pose without counter-posing it. You may throw some things out of


Here’s a brief overview of the Shoulder stand as a yoga pose for weight loss:

Spread a thick blanket on the floor and place your yoga mat on it. Lie on the back. Slowly raise

the legs. Lift the trunk, hips, and legs to a vertical position. Rest the elbows firmly on the floor

and support the back with both hands. (See the Illustration for Proper Execution). Raise the legs

till they become vertical. Press the chin against the chest. This is the chin lock. While performing

this pose, the back of the neck, the posterior part of the head, and the shoulders should touch

the floor. Breathe in counts of 5-5-5 (inhalation, retention, and exhalation). Don’t allow the body

to shake. Its counter poses are the bridge and fish poses which will target your forearms/thighs

and chest/neck respectively.

As I promised; here is the Breath of Fire breathing exercise that you can add to your yoga practice

to speed up the burning of calories. (Doesn’t the name alone tell you something…?)

Breath of Fire Exercise (aka Kapalabathi or Bellows Breath)

-Take a few breaths and see that the diaphragm is moving properly. Now with the eyes closed

(as they should be when performing all breathing exercises) make a sudden contraction of the

abdomen with a backward push. This leads to a sudden yet firm expulsion of stagnant air from

the lungs.

-Now follow this with a sudden relaxation (which naturally makes the new air rush in) now

perform the exercise in this manner: passive inhalation and active expulsions at a rate of

sudden abdominal push per second one after the other. A round should have 15-20

expulsions. Do not exceed 3 rounds

-You may gradually increase to 120 expulsions per round and then perform only 2 rounds.

(As soon as you do 50 expulsions per round, do not exceed 2 rounds!) Between

each round pause for about 30 seconds of normal breathing.

Now, there you have it, the information needed to get you started on the use of Yoga for weight

loss: The poses for the trouble spots, the bellows breath, the shoulder-stand and the almighty

Sun Salutations.

Remember, for the same reasons Hippocrates the father of Medicine stated: “Let your foods be

your medicine and your medicine your foods”, you’ve got to include a proper diet when seeking

to lose weight with yoga. Keep in mind this is an all too important limb of this exercise so, there’s

no way around it friends. (But I’m sure you know that already)

So strike a pose, and see for yourself how Yoga for weight loss can be an effective and safe choice.


Enhance health through muscle-building

What to eat to gain muscle?

Animal products are usually a great source of protein, especially lean meats like

chicken and turkey [2]. They provide a low-fat meal choice packed with amino acids,

which can support muscle growth and recovery. Eggs are an excellent source of protein,

with a single egg containing around 6g of protein [

What is muscle mass?

Muscle mass is the amount of muscle in your body, including skeletal

muscles, smooth muscles, and cardiac muscles. It can be measured as part of your

total body composition, along with fat mass and bone mass.

What exactly is muscle mass?

Muscle mass, strictly defined, is the weight of the muscles of the body. When people

say they have gained muscle mass, they usually mean that their muscles look and

feel bigger.

Muscle gain is possible for almost anyone with enough time and effort invested in

training. Hypertrophy is a physiological process in which the tissue is stressed, broken

down, and then rebuilt larger and stronger than before. Muscle growth and

maintenance are essential for optimal health and physical fitness. Strength training is

recommended for everyone of any age by medical professionals, not only youthful

athletes and fitness fanatics. A successful muscle-building strategy should always

begin with a foundational resistance-training program. “The best way to build muscle

is to lift weights,” says Victoria Sekely, a doctor of physical therapy, certified strength

and conditioning specialist, and run coach.

There are several ways to create a holistic state of being, including through physical

development. People who regularly lift weights can develop a solid base and sculpt

their bodies. Regular strength training sculpts the body, Creatine supplements are one

of the ways they are designed to boost athletic performance and muscular building, and

have emerged as the most popular ergonomic aid for athletes in recent years. Creatine

supplements may help some people but not others. Numerous research have looked

at creatine supplementation for muscle building to explain these variations. The

advantages of muscle building extend beyond aesthetics because it strengthens bones

and boosts bone density. This safeguards a sound skeletal framework for years by

preventing osteoporosis and fractures.

People may create healthy, prosperous, and meaningful lives when they embrace the

transforming power of muscle growth and set SMART goals. The bold journey toward

business success, wealth accumulation, and excellent health should be guided by

personal growth and overall wellbeing. Muscle-building exercises assist in keeping

the heart healthy, are a requirement for a strong body. The cardiovascular system

pumps blood more effectively when muscles contract and exert force, enhancing

circulation and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Having more

muscle increases the quality of sleep. The body’s inherent sleep regulators are activated

by regular exercise, promoting more restful and reviving sleep.

When people gain muscle, their strength, bone density, and cardiovascular health improve.

Setting SMART goals is essential for leading a purposeful life, particularly in terms of

money and health. Happiness is a result of goal-setting and muscle growth. 

Start your road toward success and holistic health today.


Obesity is an Increasing Health Risk

What can I drink before bed to melt belly fat?
Herbal teas, warm milk, tart cherry juice, and drinks containing cinnamon,
green tea, ginger, and apple cider vinegar are among the most effective
fat-burning drinks before bed

Obesity is a health risk. It may lead to multiple diseases in the future. It is better

to get out of obesity to remain away from future diseases. Change in food

habits and doing physical exercises are the cost-effective and natural ways of treating it.

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High blood pressure, joint pains, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, heart ailments, palsy,

liver ailments, menstrual abnormalities, breast cancer, female infertility, decline

in libido, endometrial cancer, mental stress, blood circulation diseases like

arteriosclerosis, cholelithiasis, etc. These are some of the diseases which might come

up with obesity. This list seems endless. But before knowing how to end obesity one

must know “what is obesity?”

Who would you consider a person to be obese? A person who has a BMI

(Body Mass Index) of over 30 is considered to be an obese individual. But how does

one become obese? In theory, causes of obesity are genes, intake of fatty foods,

lack of physical activity, food habits, laziness, and endocrine problems.

What are the available remedies for getting out of obesity?


Liposuction: It is a surgical process where the fat is removed by sucking out the fat

from the body by inserting a needle.

Surgery: Commonly this procedure involves surgery of  the stomach and intestine to lower

the intake of food.

Diet Pills: The majority of diet pills are for short-term use only. These diet pills are effective

only if they are used in combination with exercises and a controlled diet.

Fat-burning pills: These are short-term quick fat-burning pills. But the main problem with

this medication is that the results are short-lived. Once the medication is stopped the fats

again show up.

Exercises: It is an age-old technique for obesity reduction. It is a natural process so the side

effects are not there.

Controlled diet program: Like exercises this too is a natural process. Here a limited

amount of food is taken which controls the formation of fat in the body.

Acupressure and acupuncture: Age old technique but nothing concrete has been

proved yet.

Whatever the method of getting over obesity there is no better method than

natural methods like exercises and controlled diet programs And if a diet pill like

Phentermine, Adipex, and Acomplia are introduced to the effects that would be visible

within a short period.

Apart from physical aspects obesity may also make you feel dejected, and out of the

world and may make an individual abstain from social gatherings. If you are obese

it is time to act. Whatever remedy you choose you should always consult your

doctor for his view on that remedy.

Obesity: enemy of the hearth  YOU ARE NOT DOOMED TO BE FAT FOREVER

Obesity is a problem that has reached epidemic levels throughout the world

and in particular, has experienced rapid growth among children and adolescents.

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According to the American Heart Association (PCA), one-third of children and

adolescents and 66 percent of the adult population are overweight or obese. If the t

end continues, there will be a reduction in the life expectancy of our children, making

it the first generation to live less than their parents.

Obesity in simple form is an excess of body fat. The body mass index (BMI) and waist

circumference measures are most commonly used. The BMI is the ratio of weight in

kilograms to height in meters measured. The normal BMI is between 18 and 24.9 kg/m2.

Overweight is any measure between 25-29.9 kg/m2, and obesity is a BMI greater than

or equal to 30 kg/m2. The waist circumference should be <40cm in men and <35cm in

women. Obesity is associated with the development of hypertension, stroke, blockage

of the coronary arteries, diabetes, failure, and heart rhythm disturbances. In young

people, obesity is associated with the development of adult conditions such as

hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and cholesterol.

It is difficult to associate obesity as a factor, as it develops a complex relationship that

involves lifestyle, the environment, and genetics. However, there is a causal relationship

between poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles. The sedentary lifestyle, produced by

busy lifestyles, overexposure to television, computers, and video games, along with

the excessive consumption of calories breaks the balance needed to maintain a


Education is important, particularly from an early age, to establish good eating

habits and healthy lifestyles.

To bring the message and awareness generation of young people about the importance

of prevention, the American Heart Association created the Alliance for a Healthier

Generation in conjunction with the foundation of former President William Bill Clinton.

On the Island, the association established a partnership with the Government of Puerto

Rico and the Puerto Rico Form.

This government initiative whose guidelines are based on those of the Heart

Association offers a real alternative for the prevention of obesity through education

and offering physical activity programs, among other things.

Obesity, together with other factors such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia,

and smoking is a risk factor crucial to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

However, contrary to other factors, obesity (next to smoking), is the most changeable

of all.

By developing or modifying good nutritional habits and increasing physical

activity can have a healthier life.

Shape Up And Have Fun Losing Weight!

Whether your next season is Spring or Autumn, a change in season is a great

time to renew your commitment to weight management shape up and have fun

doing so!

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biking, sport, gardening

Whether your next season is Spring or Autumn, a change in season is a

great time to renew your commitment to weight management and shape up

and have fun doing so!

Who said losing weight needs to be boring? No so. Here are three fantastic

calorie-consuming activities that are most enjoyable in the cooler seasons, but

somewhat impractical for most people in the height of winter and summer months.

Spring is the perfect time to get into the garden before the hot days of summer

If you are finishing your summer, now is the time to do all those last-minute pruning and weeding

that was just too hot to do a few weeks ago. There’s 

nothing like gardening to help tone muscles and burn up additional calories.

Weekend Rambling – forget sleepy Sundays, get out and about on a walk with family

y and friends. Find an opening and play lively games like football,  or frisbee.


Walking Holiday – if you normally take ‘lazy beach breaks’ it’s time for a change.

There are so many beautiful places to visit that you may never have considered

before. Get out and explore….and your legs will get a terrific tone-up!

Why Not…. Participate in vigorous voluntary work. Give a few hours a week to a

good cause. There are charities that need help with gardening and odd

jobs such as painting, handiwork, and maintenance.

Spend more time playing with the kids in the garden. Forego hotel niceties and

enjoy weekends away camping. Take up action cricket or soccer and meet new

people in the process.

Get the bikes out for a regular leisurely ride or if you feel more energetic, join

a cycling club.

Start today! If you focus on having energetic fun, you’ll lose weight effortlessly!

How to build muscle quickly?

Increase the intensity of your workouts instead of working out for long periods.

Make sure you’re getting enough calories and protein in your diet for muscle growth. Get

plenty of sleep and give your muscles time for recovery. Try supplements for more strength,

energy, and power, like creatine and HMB/

Most beginners will see noticeable muscle growth within eight weeks, while more

experienced lifters will see changes in three to four weeks. Most individuals gain one

to two pounds of lean muscle with the right strength training and nutrition plan.

Which muscle grows slowest?

What muscle has the slowest growth? – Quora

For many fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders, it’s the abdominal muscles that prove to

be the most elusive. So, why do our abs seem to have the slowest growth? In this blog

post, we’ll delve into the factors affecting abdominal muscle growth and uncover the

secrets to developing a chiseled core.