What does lutein and zeaxanthin do to your body?

Lutein and zeaxanthin can filter blue light to prevent the formation of reactive

oxygen species, especially singlet oxygen, in the retina and can further reduce

oxidation by directly quenching singlet oxygen and related free radicals in the retina [50].

Which food is rich in antioxidants?

Broccoli, spinach, carrots and potatoes are all high in antioxidants, and so are

artichokes, cabbage, asparagus, avocados, beetroot, radish, lettuce, sweet

potatoes, squash, pumpkin, collard greens and kale. Using lots of spices in cooking is good.

Antioxidants are compounds in foods that scavenge and neutralize free radicals.

Evidence suggests that antioxidant supplements do not work as well as the

naturally occurring antioxidants in foods such as fruits and vegetables.


As a whole grain, grits provide several antioxidants that help mitigate cellular

damage from free radicals, unstable atoms in the body. Two of the antioxidants

found in grits, lutein and zeaxanthin, are known to contribute to better vision

and eye health, protecting against age-related eye diseases.

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Exercise is essential, but you can also burn more calories at rest by watching

what and when you eat.

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#1 Don’t Skip Breakfast

The morning meal jump starts your metabolism and helps to prevent bingeing

later in the day. A cup of coffee does not count – the caffeine and added sugar

may give you a bit of energy and suppress your appetite for a little while it is

sure to back fire into severe hunger and you will be more likely to overeat later.

Breakfast should include complex carbohydrates like whole grain (granola or

oatmeal), along with some protein and fat (low-fat yogurt or milk), will keep your

energy levels even and hunger in check.QUIZ WHAT IS IN THE FOOD IN YOUR DIET??

#2 Eat more often

Get into the habit of eating every three to four hours or at least four times a day.

Eating frequently stabilizes blood sugar, when blood sugar drops too low you

want to eat…a lot. By keeping your blood sugar stable you can control your

appetite and keep you metabolic rate high. When you go many hours without

eating your body will compensate by slowing down to conserve energy…this effect

hurts your weight loss efforts.MUSCLE MASS SELF ESTEEM

#3 Eat protein at every meal

Protein will help to reduce your appetite, it takes more energy and time to digest, in

effect you feel full longer than eating carbohydrates alone. Research shows that

eating more protein can help you lose weight without cutting calories. Try these

protein possibilities: turkey on whole wheat; hummus and pita; vegetarian chili;

fruit and nuts; or protein snack bars that contain 12 or more grams of protein.

#4 Hold off on snacking

Many of us grab a snack for quick energy when we are feeling tired. But do not

confuse true hunger with fatigue. If you are feeling tired go for a 15-20 minute

brisk walk. This will raise your heart rate and give you a boost of energy. Follow

it up with a large glass of cool water. If you are truly hungry have a protein and

complex carbohydrate rich snack like; whole wheat crackers and peanut


#5 Consume enough for your body’s needs

Eating too little slows your body’s metabolism the same way eating to

infrequently does. If you want to lose weight, do not slash your calories too

drastically. Instead, cut out some of the extras in your diet – things like soda,

juice, packaged goods or candy. Processed foods tend to be high in fat and

calories and low in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

5 Fun Ways to Get In Shape

The market is saturated with low-fat, low-carb and sugar-free foods. But

despite the popular diets, “magical” pills and the latest, greatest fitness

machines that all promise to melt away the pounds, more than half of

American adults are overweight.


The market is saturated with low-fat, low-carb and sugar-free foods. But

despite the popular diets, “magical” pills and the latest, greatest fitness

machines that all promise to melt away the pounds, more than half of

American adults are overweight.

For true weight-loss success, health experts stress the importance of changing

your lifestyle for the long term and exercising regularly. Here are some creative

ways to make fitness fun again and help you win the battle of the bulge once

and for all.

* Take “healthy” vacations. Make fitness part of your travels. Head to a spa

where, along with a little pampering, you can enjoy hiking, rock climbing,

kickboxing, aqua aerobics and yoga.

* Walk or run for a good cause. Training for a 5K charity walk, for example,

may be all the motivation you need to get started on a regular fitness routine.

Best of all, you’ll be helping your favorite charity accomplish its goals.

* Dance. Join a ballroom or hip-hop dancing class. It’s a great way to shed

the pounds, learn how to dance and have fun.

* Strip the weight away. New DVDs featuring Carmen Electra help you spice

up your regular workout routine and provide a fun new way to tone your

body right in the comfort of your own living room.

“Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease” and “Carmen Electra’s Aerobic

Striptease – Fit to Strip” are fast becoming wildly popular. With the help

of fitness experts, Electra teaches viewers how to trim down with high- and

low-impact dance and fitness techniques. The strengthening moves are

designed to help tone the hips, thighs, buns and abs. The DVDs’ special

features include a pop-up video display with workout tips and a

customizable music track.15% off all orders of Alpha Viral!!

* Do Pilates. Find out what makes Pilates the workout of choice for countless

celebrities, and why your gym’s Pilates classes are always full. The “MTV:

Pilates Mix” DVD, hosted by renowned Pilates and yoga instructor Kristin

McGee, is perfect for those who want to add a more cutting-edge beat

to their workout. The DVD features two half-hour workout sessions that

focus on toning the arms, legs and abs, with a music mix that motivates

you to get up and work out.

The DVDs are available online and in stores nationwide. –



What is in the food your family eat????

What are the benefits of eating an egg a day?

They’re Heart Healthy

Even people with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes were just as heart healthy

after a high-egg diet designed for weight loss. In a recent Chinese study,

people who ate about an egg a day were almost 20% less likely than non-egg

eaters to develop heart disease.

Are eggs a superfood?

Eggs are a superfood rich in nutrients that can provide many health
benefits including improved muscle growth and repair and weight
management. They also have immune system support and enhanced
brain function. They are also good for your heart and bone health.

3 Choices To Help You Lose Weight

Your weight loss success comes down to the choices you make. Learn

about 3 different weight loss options and decide which will work best for you.

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1. The Weight Loss Patch

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of using a patch is that it is so easy to

use. No pills to remember to take, no special diets, no required exercise

routine. Naturally, sticking to a healthy diet and exercise program is best for

your overall health, but if that is difficult for you to adhere to all of the time,

he patch may be a solution that works for you.

A weight loss patch that you place on your body will deliver the active

ingredients by transdermal delivery, meaning through the skin. The patch

ingredients will go directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive

system and liver. Simply apply the patch to a smooth area of your skin and

change it every 3 days. That is all of the maintenance that is required.

A patch can even be used occasionally when you are traveling and know you

will be eating out a lot, or for those times you are too busy to cook the

proper foods. A patch that suppresses your appetite will help you develop

good eating habits that will help you maintain your ideal weight in the

future ~ no more yo-yo figures.

2. Appetite Suppressant Pills

Curbing your appetite to stop the influx of calories in the first place seems to

be the logical way to lose and maintain your weight. However, we are so

bombarded by confusing claims everywhere for appetite suppressant

pills ~ in print, on the radio, on television, even on billboards when driving,

that it is difficult to know which diet pill will really help take off those

pounds ~ and keep them off..

Some diet pills will cause your heart to race, your hands to shake, or an

“wired” feeling. To avoid these problem, stay away from products that

contain Ephedra, Ma Huang, and Ephedrine.

One herbal diet pill that has gotten a lot of publicity lately is Hoodia Gordonii

The authentic plant comes from the Kalahari desert in South Aftrica.

Respectable television shows like 60 M

minutes, the Today Show, BBC, and even Oprah’s “O” magazine have given

it rave reviews for its fast acting appetite suppressing qualities. While it can

take one to two weeks to work fully, many users report a decline in their

appetite with the first pill.

In fact, Hoodia has had so many positive reports that there are now a lot

of knock-off products being marketed to the uninformed ~ especially on

the Internet. The real Hoodia is very rare because it takes up to 7 years for

the Hoodia plant to mature to a point where it provides appetite

suppressant qualities. In addition, the African government is now limiting

the amount of Hoodia it exports, meaning only a few suppliers have the

real thing. Because Hoodia is so rare, you can expect it to be a little more

expensive than other diet pills.

Another diet pill that helps shed pounds is Herbal Phentermine. This is a

non-prescription appetite suppressant that is scientifically designed to

produce similar effects of a popular Rx version of phentermine.

The good news is that the Herbal version contains only natural ingredients

so you don’t have to be worried about side effects. Plus, you can avoid the

time, expense, and embarrassment of a doctor’s visit.

Herbal Phentermine will not only suppress your appetite, but it will also

increase your metabolism so you burn more calories and have more energy.

3). Carbohydrate Blockers

Perhaps you prefer not to have your appetite suppressed, but instead would

like to eat all of the pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes you want. If this sounds

more like your style, then you might want to try a carbohydrate blocker.

Scientists have discovered, and thoroughly tested a method to allow us to

eat the foods we love and not gain weight. We can now stop the normal

conversion of starchy foods to sugar before it can pass through our digestive

system and store as fat on our hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach. Derived

from white kidney beans, the resulting carb blockers, (starch neutralizers),

are a completely natural product. They work by neutralizing the Alpha

amylase enzyme that digests starch.

By neutralizing this digestive enzyme, the starch from our food does not get

digested. Instead, it remains intact and does not convert to sugar. It simply

passes through the body undigested and acts as a fiber ~ which is a very

good thing. We get more fiber going through our intestines while avoiding

the conversion to sugar and the resulting fat storage ~ a definite win-win situation.

Over the past several years, there have been many positive studies to

determine the effectiveness of carb blockers and their ability to help lose w

eight. One study was performed at the Northridge Hospital Medical Center

in Los Angeles, CA, over an eight week time period.

It reported that participants saw an average weight loss of 200% more than

those taking a placebo, and lost an average of 1.5 inches around their waists.

This was 43 % more than those taking the placebo. Plus they reported having

13% more energy, even though it is not a stimulant.

Whether you choose patches or pills, prefer to eat starchy foods, or use carb

blockers, some things to look for when buying diet products are that they:

1) Contain all natural ingredients
2) Do not have harmful side effectsThe Credit Pros