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Mineral supplements

Vitamins and mineral supplements play several important roles in the body. They

assist in energy production, body building, repair and maintenance of body tissue,

boost immune system, hemoglobin synthesis and general protection of the body.SUCCESSFUL LIFE CLICK NOW

These micronutrients are essential in the metabolism of food macromolecules

(carbohydrates, proteins and fats) in the body.

Although, vitamins and minerals are not themselves source of energy. But they help in

transforming the chemical energy in food to energy for work.

During physical activities the metabolic rate of the body increases and vitamins and

minerals help in regulating the metabolic pathways.

The biochemical adaption of the muscle that takes during exercise requires

micronutrients for building, repairing and maintaining the body mass.HEALTH AND WELLNESS

Therefore, engaging in regular exercise will increase the use and loss of vitamins and

minerals from the body.

And as a result, there will be needs for greater intake of supplements so as to meet

the demand of the body. The physical fitness of the body largely depends on the

availability of vitamins and mineral supplements.

The most common vitamins and minerals that are essential for building and repairing

the muscle include but not limited to the following: Vitamins C, D, E and B

(B3, B6 and B12), calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and β-carotene.

The B vitamins – these include vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin


The B vitamins take part in carbohydrates metabolism and help to convert food into

energy that you need for physical activities.

They help in the formation of red blood cells which supplies oxygen to the muscle.

And they synthesize proteins responsible for building and repairing the muscle.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E – these two vitamins act as an anti-oxidant in the body. They

help the body to quickly recover after physical activities. They also help to reduce

muscle damage.

Calcium – is a mineral supplement that helps to build and maintains strong bones.

Lack of calcium in the body makes the bones fragile and they can easily be fracture.

Vitamin D – this is responsible for the absorption of calcium in the body. Both vitamin

D and calcium works together to help maintain strong healthy bones.

Iron – this is a mineral nutrient that is responsible for transporting oxygen round the

body. During exercise, iron ensures that enough oxygen is supplied to your muscles.

Lack of enough iron in the body may lead to tiredness and muscle may not perform,


Zinc and Magnesium – Zinc and magnesium are both micronutrients. They are

required by the body in small amount but perform important roles. They regulate the

body metabolism ensuring energy.

In conclusion, physical fitness is connected to the availability of vitamins and mineral

supplement in the body.

It is important for you to maintain a healthy eating habit in order to stay healthy.

Your diet can have effects on your physical performance.

Always eat variety of foods that are rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Physical fitness improves endurance

Engaging in regular physical activity had been proven to be the main contributing

factor to increasing the body endurance level. When you do more exercise the heart

and the muscle respond by rebuilding and regenerating, thereby preparing the body for more.

What is the fastest way to build endurance?

Performing aerobic exercise regularly strengthens your heart and lungs and improves your

circulation, which can help you build stamina and endurance. Aerobic exercises refer to

those that elevate your breathing and heart rate, such as: running. dancing.

And by doing the more, the cells of the body are challenged. The cells rise up to the

challenge by making the heart to recover faster and more blood are supplied to the muscles.

When these happen, the endurance level of the body improves.SETTING OBJECTIVES AND DAILY ACTIONS PLANNING TO REACH YOUR OBJECTIVES

The performance of the cardiovascular system (heart) during physical activities determines

endurance level. And this can be measured by three key variables. These are:

i. the number of times the heart beat in a minute (rate of heart beat)

ii. amount of blood pumped by each heart beat (stroke volume), and

iii. the force of contraction exerted on the heart muscle (heart contractility)

One of the best ways to improve these variables is by engaging in more physical activities.

With these, more blood will be delivered to the muscles, the heart recovers quickly and

more vessels process the increased blood and oxygen.

Apart from the heart, there are other determinants of endurance performance. The muscle

during physical activity drive the flow of blood through the veins and back to the heart

Increasing the amount of blood delivered to your heart. In other words, we can say that

the muscles improve the stroke volume of your heart during exercise.CLICK NOW SUCCESS RESIDUAL INCOME

In addition, the mitochondria (powerhouse of the cell) of the muscle cells increase to enable

the muscles to do more work. They efficiently burn more body fat and store glycogen by using

oxygen to produce ATP energy. These allow you to work longer and harder without suffering

fatigue. The regular contraction and relaxation of the skeletal muscles is also a contributing

factor to endurance performance.

You will notice that there is a connection between the cardiovascular system and the body

muscles. This shows that in order to build endurance, you need to improve the performance of

your heart and muscles.

Endurance performance can be improved by engaging in physical activities such as walking,

cycling, jogging and swimming. These are examples of endurance or aerobic exercise.

They help to increase your heartbeat rate and breathing. Endurance exercise keeps the

cardiovascular system, lungs and muscles healthy and improves the overall physical fitness

of the body.

As mentioned above, regular physical exercise is very essential as far as endurance is

concerned. But you also need to maintain a healthy eating habit.

Your foods should be rich in high quality protein, healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains

and drink lots of water. Sleep is also important.

In conclusion, the rate of the heartbeat, amount of blood supplied to the heart, the heart

contractility and the amount of oxygen the muscles can effectively processed affect your

endurance level.

And all these can be improved by working on your physical fitness. Therefore, physical

fitness can improve the endurance performance of the body.

What is the fastest way to build endurance?

Performing aerobic exercise regularly strengthens your heart and lungs and improves your

circulation, which can help you build stamina and endurance. Aerobic exercises refer to

those that elevate your breathing and heart rate, such as: running. dancing.

What is the role of minerals in nutrition?

Minerals are necessary for 3 main reasons: building strong bones and teeth. controlling

body fluids inside and outside cells. turning the food you eat into energy.

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