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Many people have a question when thinking of buying a timeshare. Does it make financial sense or does it make sense at all to buy a timeshare?

Well the answer can be both yes or no depending on who is buying and for what purpose it is being bought.

In this article we will discuss why it makes sense to buy a timeshare.

One of the most traditional answers could be that you own it, but when you rent something you don’t own it.

Timeshare industry has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in this country and many notions that people had earlier have been clarified

Timeshare is no more a small business. Big hotels and resorts are into timeshare business now.

It is estimated to be a Five billion dollar a year industry worldwide and approximately two million Americans have timeshares. You might be wondering what lured so many people in America alone to timeshares.

Consider this fact you pay rent to stay in a hotel. You pay the rent for staying in a hotel for a week. Suppose it is $900. If you consider a period of 30 years, multiply the cost of living in a hotel for 30 years with $900. It will be $27,000.

You spend that much amount and only get a suite with only a bathroom. Now consider this, if you buy a timeshare for $10,000 which has a maintenance fee of $450 annually. The cost for 30 years will be $10,000 plus 450 multiplied by 30.

The answer will be $23,500 which is $3,500 less than renting a hotel suite. But here is the interesting fact. You still get to own your timeshare property which will earn some money if not the original price.

So your actual expenditure on your vacation will be way less than renting a hotel suite. Then who can ignore the comfort of a home in a timeshare property.

A typical timeshare unit has two or three bedrooms, more than one bathroom, a kitchen, a laundry room and a pool plus not to forget all the resort facilities.

Does it make sense now? It does because it also saves you from the hassle of planning your vacation each year because you know when you have to go in turn offering you a guaranteed vacation every year.

How many hotel rooms can accommodate large families and friends? With a timeshare vacation you can invite who ever you want and can host reasonable size gatherings.

A timeshare is like money lying safely in your bank. You can sell it whenever you want. Not only that if you buy a deeded plan, the timeshare gets inherited to your heirs also.

Compare the timeshare with buying a vacation home. You don’t have to worry about upkeep and maintenance also. The management company will take care of everything.

You just have to pay the maintenance fee for that. But what a pleasure you can live like you are living in a hotel and still get a feel of your home and have to do nothing.

Apart from these benefits, timeshare companies offer you so many discounts like bonus weeks, discounts on airfare, car rentals, attraction tickets, restaurants and much more.


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A push-up (or press-up if the hands are wider than shoulders placing more emphasis on the pectoral muscles) is a common calisthenics exercise beginning from the prone position.

By raising and lowering the body using the arms, push-ups exercise the pectoral muscles, triceps, and anterior deltoids, with ancillary benefits to the rest of the deltoids, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis and the midsection as a whole.

Push-ups are a basic exercise used in civilian athletic training or physical education and commonly in military physical training.

They are also a common form of punishment used in the military, school sport, or in some martial arts disciplines. (Reference — WIDEKIPA)


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Spending Less to Invest More

The process of generating wealth, which can be achieved with even minimal income, requires commitment to basic measures. The measures that can lead to the generation of wealth, if properly implemented are highlighted below.

It seems pretty obvious that budgeting should be one of the top measures implemented to spend less and invest more.

As cliche’ as budgeting may seem, it still serves as an established means of spending less of one’s income and investing more of the income.

For budgeting to be effective, a budget has to be functional and include all kinds of expenditure, from the emergency expenses to the regular expenses.

Penalties for exceeding the budget should also be stated and implemented appropriately. An effective budget should be a proper reflection of one’s financial habits and should aim towards cutting unnecessary expenses.

Allocating funds to separate accounts

Having separate accounts, especially savings account, where different categories of funds can be kept is another measure that can be implemented to ensure the most minimal spending.

The allocation of funds to different accounts works better when measures for ensuring that the allocated funds for a specific purpose are not used for other purposes.

For example, an account where regular savings are kept should not have a debit card to ensure against undue withdrawals.

Restricting luxury expenditure

It has been well established that living below one’s means is a clear-cut method of building wealth. In achieving less expenditure and more investments, it is thus important to implement practical methods of restricting undue spending.

One of such methods that can be implemented is the taxing of such undue expenses.

Taxing these expenses increases the cost of undue expenses thus restricting one from engaging in them. For example, for every family vacation, for example, a certain amount must be put into the savings account, to balance up that expense.

Thus, whenever one thinks of a family vacation, they would consider the cost of the vacation as well as the saving equivalent and plan properly towards such expenditure.


As much as it is important to save, it is more important to invest savings. A saying goes thus, “No one ever get wealthy from leaving money in a savings account”.

The mindset of continuous and long-term investments is a necessary mindset for developing wealth. While investing, it is important to implement certain important measures such as balancing one’s saving portfolio with long and short-term investments.

It is also important to focus on low-risk investment options and seek appropriate financial advice as necessary.

Reducing debt

A common feature of the different types of loans is the interest they attract. As a result, reducing debt is an effective measure for ensuring less expenses, saving more and investing more.

Debt reduction measures should be applied across all forms of debts, from credit card debts to college loan debts.

A certain proportion of one’s regular income should thus be set aside for servicing debt and ensuring a healthy credit profile.

Ultimately, financial freedom can be attained when one adopts measures of appropriating income to achieve the most minimal spending and best saving.


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Basic Business Attributes, Do You Have Them

How many times have we heard the saying “we learn from our mistakes”. I have to agree with this saying, and also that the lessons we learn hardest we learn best!

I have learned a lot from my mistakes, sadly (for me) most of them were made before the Internet existed as the fantastic networking tool it is today.

Today it is possible to read articles or join a forum and get great advice (and not so great advice) from forums.

While it is great to learn from our mistakes, it I…

Business basics, business,

How many times have we heard the saying “we learn from our mistakes”. I have to agree with this saying, and also that the lessons we learn hardest we learn best!

I have learned a lot from my mistakes, sadly (for me) most of them were made before the Internet existed as the fantastic networking tool it is today.

Today it is possible to read articles or join a forum and get great advice (and not so great advice) from forums.

While it is great to learn from our mistakes, it is better to learn from the mistakes of others, or by ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ as Newton said.

These are my ‘business mistakes’ I have learned from.

1) Keep your monthly fixed costs as low as possible, and make your number one priority to arrange an equal amount of regular income on a regular monthly basis to cover this amount.

If there was one piece of advice I would give it would be the above, as more businesses go bust due to poor cash flow than anything else!

2) Thoroughly research and work in your mind and bounced off other trusted people, your idea. Market test it as much as possible while keeping the idea as quiet as possible.

3) Get a business plan on paper (not the sort the bank or enterprise agencies use as they are by and large a load of rubbish (although you will need this for the bean counters).

(1) above, and set in stone a solid plan for achieving this. After you hit break even continue it on to the next target, and so on.

I just used the magic word there, ‘target’. you MUST be sales orientated in business as the owner, if you are not then you are failing in your main duty which is to ensure the continued existence of the business.

4) Do NOT care what others think about you, i.e. what car you drive etc. ALL of this will change if you stick to the plan and keep your focus on short term targets and longer term goals.

I just tripped another magic word in business ‘ Focus’ .

5) Keep your focus, decide what the targets are, work out how to get them, and focus on doing that. If you need £1000 a month to pay the bills, then this is what you MUST do.

If you lose focus of your core objective, you are going to lose out big time, and end up failing.

If you doubt the power of focus, then try this test:-
Get a friend to hold 3 tennis balls in their hand
Get the friend to throw all three at you in one go
Try to catch the balls
Repeat three times. I bet you will not catch many, if any at all.

Now get them to throw them again, and this time focus on catching one ball.
Repeat three times
Now you will have caught one ball three times.

It is true in business that you must focus on the core objective, just as with the balls once you catch one, you move onto the next, until you have achieved all your goals, or at least your most important ones.

Of all the skills needed to succeed, I would say focus is up there with the top 3 along with enthusiasm and determination.


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Biden-Harris Administration Now Accepting Applications for $1 Billion Rural High-Speed Internet Program
WASHINGTON, Sept. 9, 2022 – U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that USDA is now accepting applications for ReConnect Program loans and grants to expand access to high-speed internet for millions of people in rural America nationwide. The Department is making more than $1 billion available, thanks to President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The program is a critical piece of the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to connect every American to affordable, reliable, high-speed internet.


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7 Habits of Outrageously Successful Work At Home Businesses

Do you ever wonder why some homebased businesses are outrageously successful while others barely get off the ground? It’s no secret that some work at home maverics have cracked the code. Discover 7 Habits ro creating your own work at home empire.

Work from home, work at home, home based income businesses, home based career

You’ve read the ads or seen the infomercials. “Build a six or seven figure income while lounging in your pajamas in your work at home business.”

For many people who hear this, their scam detector goes up and they become defensive.

Why? Because they have heard countless horror stories of people who have lost their shirt trying to create a business from home.

However, the truth is there are thousands of home based entrepreneurs around the country who have cracked the code, created their place in the world and taking it to the bank.

o how did they do it? Why do some people struggle and never ever break even while others create outrageously successful homebased careers?

There are certain habits which I believe are consistent with all of these enterprises. Here are seven habits or traits when implemented work to insure an outrageously profitable venture.

1. Find a hungry target market and look for a product or service to meet their needs. I am surprised how many frustrated entrepreneurs miss this.

What often happens is someone gets excited, hit by an entrepreneurial seizure and tries to start a business with a product or service and feels it will sell simply because of their emotional attachment. Keep your mind open when looking at home based business income opportunities.

However, make sure someone wants to buy whatever you have to sell before you jump in.

Don’t get me wrong you want to have a passion for what you do. However, if you love 8 track tapes it might be a problem.

And depending on your age you might be thinking, “What’s an 8 track tape?” Get my point? However, if you find a group of people who are hungry for what you have is like shooting fish in a bucket.

When you find a group that has a problem they want solved they will pay you to do it.

2. Understand nothing happens until a sale is made. I am amazed at how many budding entrepreneurs say they hate sales. This is unfortunate because everything else in a business is an expense. If you don’t have sales coming in the door eventually the doors will close.

Sales and marketing if done correctly is the engine to a company’s success. The key is to add value to the customer at every opportunity.

One of the vital things to remember is the first time you obtain a client is the most expensive. But the real wealth is built when you have the opportunity to sell to a customer over and over again.

Some companies even take a loss to get the customer in the pipeline because they realize the real money is on the back end and the true profit is in the lifetime value of the customer.

3. Develop a strong team. One of the traits that will accelerate the success of any business is the leverage generated by the help of others.

Robert Kiyosaki Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad says, “Business and investing are team sports.” The average investor or small-business person loses financially because they do not have a team.

Instead of a team they act as individuals who are trampled by very smart teams.”

While you are building a home based business you don’t want to do it alone. There are only 24 hours a day and you can’t do everything.

ou want to look for opportunities to outsource all non revenue generating activities. Successful proprietors don’t waste a lot of time on filing and organizing.

4. Focus on the business not just working in the business. What separates you from being able to create a company that provides you with great income and lifestyle versus one that you are chained to the doors is a matter of focus.

Successful entrepreneurs focus on the big picture.

I’m saddened when people say, “No one can do what I do.” This might be true however it presents a great challenge. You are now a slave to your business. The business no longer serves you.

The goal must be to take “you” out of as much of your business as possible.

Look for ways to remove you, automate and systemize the process. One of the ways to do this is to use the leverage of technology.

You might want to use a website that allows people to order your product or service 24/7. Or you might write a book which can be sold while you are sleep. Get the picture.

5. A highly successful home based business has a central theme or mission. Many home based businesses never reach success because they are trying to do too many things at the same time.

You might be saying, “But I want to create multiple streams of income.”

The problem with multiple streams of income can be a nightmare if approached incorrectly. New entrepreneurs often make the mistake of trying to create several profit centers from non aligned businesses.

For example, you will find people who try to start real estate, network marketing and internet marketing all at the same time.

The reason you will almost never have success with this strategy is you can not build momentum. Each business has a totally different business model and you can’t leverage the energy of one to another.

However, the successful home based entrepreneur understands the law of momentum. For example, if you were an author one of your products would be the book.

However, you could spin that product into an empire by leveraging it into an e-book, tape set, work-book, seminar, boot camp and coaching program.

Do you see the power of having one central product or theme and how you can leap frog to success? You want to be focused and committed to a central theme.

Once you have success you can add another stream of income. This trait is one of hidden keys to success.

6. Resilient and quick to adapt to change. This is one of the distinct advantage solo-entrepreneurs have over large companies. Often time’s large corporations invest thousands of dollars in a project and even when they know it’s not working they are slow to change.

In Corporate America this may not kill a business because one mistake is just a cog in the wheel.

However, in small business your ability to change on a dime allows you test things and when things work you do it with massive all out action. And when something is not what working you simply let it go, test something else and move forward.

7. Commit to continual education. Now, I am not talking about another degree or certificate. There are plenty of people with plaques on their walls that aren’t able to create the income and lifestyle they want.

However, I love the quote by one of the leading experts in self-development. Jim Rohn says, “Formal education will make you a living; self education will make you a fortune.”

Personal development and specialized knowledge often is the difference between a fledgling operation and one that has an outrageously bottom line.

Why? Because successful people know that the best investment they can make is in self.

Make sure that you are always staying ahead of the curve and immerse yourself in your area of expertise. You can do this by attending seminars, tele-classes, boot camps or participating in coaching programs.

Do you want to build wealth from home? Cut your learning curve by modeling one or all of these traits from successful home based businesses.

You will find when you model those who have had success you will too if you embody the same traits. Start today and you will be on your way to outrageous success.



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An impressive share, I just given this onto a colleague who was doing a little analysis on this. And he in fact bought me breakfast because I found it for him.. smile. So let me reword that: Thnx for the treat! But yeah Thnkx for spending the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love reading more on this topic. If possible, as you become expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more details? It is highly helpful for me. Big thumb up for this blog post!

CBD Skin Routine


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I’ve read and listened to many of Brian Tracy’s books, video and audio programs. However, if you haven’t already listened to, viewed or read any of his material, this is the best place to start.

Personal Success Made Simple is a clear, straightforward introduction to personal development.

So what are you waiting for? Get it!


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“ What If ? ”
Why go into internet marketing????

internet marketing, home business, online business, make money online.

What if, What if, What if. This question comes at us every day. What if I said this, What if I did that or what if I didn’t. It comes down to decisions. We all have decisions to make every day of our lives.

We all make good and bad decisions. That’s life. When you look back on your life you can think of some really great decisions that you made, decisions that have altered the course of your life. You can also remember some really bad ones that have affected you in a negative way.

Life is never static, it’s always changing and opportunities come and go. Doors open and we have to decide whether to step through and seize the opportunity or not. UNEMPLOYED — START EARNING FROM HOME

When you are standing in front of that open door of opportunity the question arises “What if?” do I or don’t I. We need to make a decision. How do we make decisions? This depends on our background, education, life experiences and sometimes advice from others.

We don’t know each other, but I would like to give you some advice. Suppose I said that I knew something that could change your life forever for the better. Would you be interested?

Suppose I said I knew someone that was showing other people how to acquire something like real estate for free. Suppose you could also learn how to build on your “land” something like a five star hotel.

You would also learn how to market your “hotel” and collect rent from guests that pay to stay. Would you be interested?

What am I talking about? It’s called virtual real estate. Your own space on the World Wide Web or Internet if you prefer. If you own a space there it can turn out to be very valuable property.

The most expensive house in the world is a 12 bedroom mansion in London England for which an Indian steel tycoon paid $128 million.

The most valuable web page in history, to date, will probably be thesixmilliondollarpage by Alejandro Saavedra and Robert Kanaat. Now here’s the difference. The tycoon paid $128 million for the house.

How much did these two guys pay for the page. Next to nothing. Maybe a couple hundred bucks at the most depending on how they went about it.

I am going to open a door for you that could literally change your life. The only cost is your time and effort. Now you must decide! Ask yourself the following question:-

“What if” I click on this link:


It could make all the difference.

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Earn A Regular Income From Home On Your Computer By Freelancing

What if there was a way where you could find your perfect job, decide your salary, and even set your own hours.

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s a reality for thousands of freelancers who work from the comfort of home each day

freelance, freelancer, work from home, work at home

If you long for something different from your everyday 9-5, you are not alone. Many people feel trapped in their jobs and work is something they do not enjoy.

But what if there was a way where you could find your perfect job, decide your salary, and even set your own hours.
Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it’s a reality for thousands of freelancers who work from the comfort of home each day.

FACT: Freelancing provides a sense of freedom not found in the average workplace.

Freelancing is the best way to earn income without having to go to a boring 9-5 job. As a freelancer you can do many types of work including data processing, web design, programming, writing articles, photography, and the list goes on and on.

Freelance jobs are plentiful if you know where to look. It is a genuine and legitimate way to make money on the Internet. There is a large variety of work, and so much of it, that it is almost impossible NOT to find work once you get started.

There is no need to worry about finding online jobs because there are so many employers who are ready to hire people like you and me for their projects.

FACT: There are many opportunities on the Internet right now for freelancers.

There are many freelance sites on the Internet where you can advertise your services and look for work. Some are free to join and others charge a membership fee. You need to make sure you find the right freelancing site for your needs.

There are also many guides to freelancing available but you need to make sure they not only cover how to freelance but where to find freelance work. Freelancing is becoming a way of life nowadays for many people.

There is no reason why you can’t join the freelancing revolution and start earning real money from your own home right now. All you need to do is arm yourself with the right information and the right attitude towards working from home.

There are many advantages to working from home as a freelancer including:

Be your own boss. No more being told what to do and when to do it.

Set your own hours. No more boring, same old 8 hour work days, day in and day out.

Quote your own price. No more working for a lousy minimum wage that will hardly get you and your family by.

Work from the comfort of your own home. No more working in a stressed out, overcrowded office.

Choose what projects you want to take on. No more doing stacks of paperwork for hours on end or work that you are made to do.

FACT: You can make working from home more than just your dream.

Working from home is not impossible, lots of people have tried it, liked it, and have made it a way of life for them.

Ordinary people are becoming very successful and making a living as a freelancer, but becoming a success does not happen over.

The main thing to remember when looking for online jobs is to always do your homework before jumping in. With a little effort and persistence, you will be able to build a good reputation online and work will start coming to you.

Take control of your life and realize that freelance work is an honest, reliable way of earning a regular income.