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Health is wealth! We all have heard of this term in this journey of life. We understand its meaning, but its relevance and deepness is realized only when you are down! Being physically fit is the best reward that one could ever have.

There is no gift which is more valuable than the gift of health. Health industry is booming and there is a reason behind that.

People are becoming extra cautious of their health especially due to awareness and the tedious routines which is increasing tendency of diseases in young people too!

Here is how you can step on the pathway of being physically fit!

Exercise: You should incorporate exercise in your routine to stay fit and active. Exercise reduces the stiffness in your body and improves the blood flow which keeps you active throughout the day.

You can do swimming, cycling, yoga, running or jogging. It is very easy to include these in your routine if you spare some time.


I will not only maintain the weight of your body but would also improve the metabolism and immunity. Both if these are important ingredients in the recipe of health!

You can join group classes or nearby gym to attain the continuity. If you are part of group of people who are fitness conscious then it will help you in attaining the routine quickly.

Yoga is combination of cardio and strength. It helps you in learning how can you balance, meditate and focus on things.

There are variety of exercises available and it is always a good practice to include some strength training sessions. You need to gain muscle as you start to age as they drain out of strength.

So lifting some weights, dumbbells under supervision will prove to be a good idea!

Healthy food and beverages: It is important to include the foods which are rich in Iron, Vitamin D, C & B in your diet for a healthy body.

f you are a non-vegetarian, you might already be getting enough of these but if you are a vegetarian, you need to be extra cautious of your diet! Go for regular health check-ups to address any deficiencies that you may have!

Smoking and alcohol and rather make a habit to drink coconut water, coriander seeds water and juices daily.

Value of being physically fit

It is important to create a culture of wellness to yield sustainable results of health in long run. Being healthy and physically fit has a direct correlation to happiness and success.

A healthy mind rests in healthy body! Staying physically fit not only impacts your personal and lifestyle but also improves your performance at work.

In order to drive the business forward and inspire your team, a good leader should maintain mental and physical wellness.FREE INFORMATION
At every stage of life, you are constantly pushed beyond your threshold/ comfort zone. A healthy body has stamina and mental ability to endure the challenges at every stage of life.

This helps you in maintaining your cool and also reduces symptoms associated with anxiety and Great Health.

What is the most important part of physical fitness is?

What are the five categories of physical fitness?

What are some examples of physical fitness?

What are the five factors of physical fitness?

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being and, more specifically, the ability to perform aspects of sports, occupations and daily activities.

Physical fitness is generally achieved through proper nutrition, moderate-vigorous physical exercise, and sufficient rest.


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How does what you eat affect an acne break out? The answer is not so simple. Read the article

Conventional wisdom used to say that your diet (eating chocolate or greasy foods) would result in an unwanted acne breakout. Later skin professionals and dermatologists learned that there is no proven scientific connection between acne and food.

But does what you eat really have a direct influence on the status of your face?

The answer is ‘no’, a bad food diet does not ‘directly’ cause an acne breakout. But, as most doctors will tell you, what you choose to put in your body will have a definite effect on your health, including your skin health.

Excessive caffeine, sugary foods, and greasy, fatty snacks will all have a negative effect on our overall health. And if your skin is particularly susceptible to acne, maintaining a poor diet will definitely not help the situation. A bad food diet can therefore have an ‘indirect’ effect!

Choosing foods that are high in sugar, fat content, and refined carbohydrates can all be damaging to your skin health. Studies have shown that too much sugar and refined carbohydrates in your diet can lead to a surge in insulin.

This can create the condition known as IGF-1, where an increase in insulin creates the over-production of male hormones. And excessive male hormones can produce an excess of sebum, the greasy stuff that can clog your pores, attract bacteria, and create an environment conducive to acne!

IGF-1 is also believed to cause keratinocytes to multiply, which can wreak havoc on skin.

Saturated fats are the bad guys of the food world. Doctors have been warning of the health consequences of consuming trans fats and saturated fats.

The negative consequences of saturated fats on the body are a weakening the immune system, promoting inflammation, and for those prone to acne breakouts, raising the skin’s oil production level.

Keep your body healthy and filled with good health-promoting nutrients for the best complexion possible. You should strive to reduce saturated fats -they will certainly not help you in your battle against acne.


But all oils are not bad. There are also good oils which are actually conducive to healthy skin. In fact, certain oils are absolutely essential. These essential fatty acids reduce inflammation and help promote healthy skin, What oils should you add to your regular diet?

Fish Oil, olive oil, and flax oil are all good oils that should become a part of your diet. Fish oil and flax oil in particular are recommended for maintaining a glowing complexion.

What about vitamins and minerals? You should maintain a steady intake of vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy skin-enriching diet. Vitamin A is paramount for promoting healthy skin. Vitamin A is found in abundance in avocados and carrots.

Vitamin B-6, Vitamin C, and Zinc are other important nutrients for promoting a good complexion. An easy way to ensure that you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to help fight acne is to eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and essential fatty acids.

One of the lesser-considered aspects of the food and acne debate is the role that food allergies play in promoting acne.

Some people experience severe cases of acne even if they lead a very healthy diet and have never suffered from severe acne before. The cause could be a food allergy of some kind.

Common causes of food allergies include excess sugar, dairy products, and certain refined flours and grains. Avoid foods rich in iodine, which have been linked to acne in the past. If you consume iodized salt, make the switch to sea salt.

Iodine-rich foods may include salt, liver, cheese, crabs, shellfish, clams, and kelp products. If you find dairy products exacerbate your acne, consider switching to soy or rice milk and cheese products.

Whether certain foods cause an acne or whether these foods are just one of many contributing factors is an ongoing debate. Much has been learned and much more has yet to be learned.

Add to this the fact that one individual may be affected by a certain food and another not at all and you quickly learn there is no single answer, no magic bullet that will work for everyone. But hopefully this information will help you determine what works for you
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It just not enough to want to loose weight it takes a plan.

These inexpensive books can be the starting points to loosing

The small investments in yourself can lead to awesome health.


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20 ReasonsTo Have Your Own Homeworker Website

Owning your own Home based Business Opprtunity website, or hobby website, can be a daunting task. Heres a few reasons why it can be a worthwhile undertaking.

best home based business ideas ,homeworker business ideas, work at home business

1. Improve your Credibility as an Internet Marketer, as a Teamleader, as a home based business entrepreneur, whatever your niche is.

2. Send email using your chosen domain name.

3. Make your training info/tips easily available to your affiliates by writing it on a webpage.

4. Setup a Blog on your site. Posting to your Blog on a regular basis will improve your site’s exposure on the Search Engines.

just been learning about how to use a Blog to get traffic to your site from the Social BookMarking sites.

It is in some ways similar to posting ads to Free Classified sites. I will tell you more on this later.

5. Similarly auto-install a Forum where your Team’s affiliates could help one another and you could help them all. HOMEBASED ONLINE INCOME OPPORTUNITY

You could make a private formum for your SFI Team Members only.

6. Adding your own content on a regular and continued basis will likely get you noticed by the Search Engines.

You could allow your affiliates to submit Articles which you could host for them to get them a link back to their site or to their Gateway pages.

7. Initially you could setup a page to FRAME your favorite Gateway (or for several Gateways).

8. Make ebooks, software, Special Reports downloadable in your Teammembers Only section.

9. Host a site for one of your affiliates as a folder of your main website. For instance where XXXXXXXX could be their affiliate number or their name or company name.

10. Remember that the site can do much more for you than just contain a link to your SFI Gateway.FREE INFORMATION

11. Setup an RSS feed so you can deliver your Sales messages or Training messages without needing their email address.

you need to become familiar with RSS, first get an RSS reader and find a site with an RSS feed to subscribe to

12. Setup a Form on a page to collect visitors name and email address. Set the form to post the information to your Autoresponder or at least a database on your site.

13. Setup a page for exchanging relevant links to other websites to improve in bound links.

14. Allows you to join Traffic Swarm or other traffic exchanges to get some free traffic. Copy/pasting code to some of your pages (following instructions).

15. Install (follow instructions) an Autoresponder on your webserver so you can use it to automate your email followup tasks.

16. By copy/pasting some code, you can setup a webpage to redirect to another page. This allows you to hide your affiliate number from your link.